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  • Unilever acquires Sir Kensington, a high - end tomato sauce makerUnilever acquires Sir Ken...2017-05-03

    Unilever acquired a small conglomerate manufacturer named Sir Kensington, which was not disclosed.

  • Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau boosted the popularity of Chinese tomato sauce Tianjin Inspection and Qu...2017-05-03

    The state to promote the implementation of "one way" strategy, Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau as a "one way along the" hub port sector, seize the opportunity to take the initiative to continue to promote the export of tomato sauce products. Only 2017 two months ago, by the Bureau of inspection and quarantine exports of tomato sauce products nearly 10,000 tons, the value of nearly 900 million.

  • The first quarter of Longkou concentrated apple juice exports 5346 tons of explosive growthThe first quarter of Long...2017-05-03

    Longkou is one of the main producing areas of Yantai Apple, the annual output of apple juice concentrate in more than 10,000 tons, sold to the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, more than 10 countries or regions, the region's major export food The The first quarter of this year, Longkou exported a total of 5346.1 tons of apple juice concentrate, the value of 5.97 million US dollars, respectively, year on year increase of 74.3% and 65.2%.

  • Tianjin tomato exports to 190,000 tons of the largest market in AfricaTianjin tomato exports to...2017-05-03

    Tomato sauce is a fresh tomato sauce-like concentrated products, was bright red sauce, with a unique flavor of tomato, is a distinctive seasoning. The United States, Italy and China are the world's three major tomato sauce producing areas, of which China is the world's largest exporter of tomato sauce.

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